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December 12th, 2017 at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm MST


During this webinar, Dr. Tye Perrett will discuss a retrospective analysis of feedlot morbidity and mortality outcomes in calves born to dams with known vaccination history.

The objective of this retrospective analysis was to determine the effects of a dam vaccination program on calf health during the feeding period. In low and high-risk populations, calves born to dams vaccinated pre-breeding with Express® FP products (EV) had improved morbidity and mortality outcomes compared to non-EV animals.


Dr. Tye Perret

Dr. Perrett is a managing partner at Feedlot Health and has been working with them since 2004. His responsibilities include management of the Administrative and Professional Consultant teams. He also acted as president of the Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians – 2007-2009; and president of the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners – 2007-2008. His specialties include animal health management, pathology, animal production, applied research, and economic modeling.